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About Me

I’ve been active all my life. I played Basketball, Tennis Table, Soccer, Tennis, Judo, Weightlifting an Climbing. Also, I’ve been a Professional Dancer for most part of my life and a Dance Teacher. I studied Science of Sport and Movement (Scienze delle Attività Motorie e Sportive), I’m a first Level Weightlifting Technician (FIPCF) and I studied with the best trainer, fitness and nutrition experts all around the world (Poliquin, Tsatsouline, Staley, Di Pasquale).

Actually I’m based in Italy, but I love to travel and train all around the world to meet other athletes and discover new styles of training. What I do is train people with an hybrid, versatile system of training that includes lifting weights, gymnastics, calisthenics, running, rowing, stretching and basically all the other ways the body can move. My purpose is to give everyone the opportunity to have a more capable body, no matter age, gender, experience or how much time you have. As long as you will to train, I will get where you want to go.


Get in Touch!

If you want to train with me or you are just curious about what I do you can mail me, or contact me on social media. Don't be shy!


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via Valpollicella 61A
Arbizzano – Santa Maria
Verona (IT)

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via Mirandola 13
Settimo di Pescantina
Verona (IT)

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